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QWERTY Android phone 2013

QWERTY Android phone 2013

Full QWERTY android handset is very useful for those of you who love texting. I know that there are lot of incredible keyboard app with nice predictive system available out there, but none of them able to match the accuracy and efficiency of typing with physical QWERTY keyboard. 

Unfortunately, there are not too many Android handset built with such features these days. But that doesn’t mean that you’re run out of choice guys. Here is my list of best full QWERTY android handset. Hope that this is helpful for those of you who plan top purchase such device in the near future. 

Motorola Droid 4
Currently available at Verizon wireless, Motorola Droid 4 come out with five row physical keyboard that you already know and love from the previous Droid series. It is currently running on Android 2.3 gingerbread, but an official Android 4.0 ICS update should be available for download at some point this year. I’ve already spend my entire week using Motorola Droid 4 and i must say that i am really impressed with the fact that it’s keyboard is extremely tactile and very easy to use. Say goodbye to mistype due to my big thumbs, Motorola Droid 4 is already become my typing buddy! 

Motorola Droid Pro
Verizon and Sprint are places that you need to go if you want to grab this handset on contract. At first glance, this Droid Pro looks similar to RIM’s BlackBerry. But that is understandable since Droid Pro is designed for professional business users. It should be a cheap alternative for those of you who’re looking for QWERTY phone since Verizon cost you nothing for Droid Pro as long as you sign on two years contract with them. 

Samsung Captivate Glide 4G. If Verizon Motorola Droid 4 is too expensive for you, then you might want consider grab Samsung Captivate Glide 4G. It is currently running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread and feature 4G LTE radio. There is no official confirmation whether Samsung will provide an official Android 4.0 ICS update for Captivate Glide 4G or not. But since it is currently supported by CyanogenMod team, i suggest you to include this on your full QWERTY android phone shopping list. AT&T is currently ask $149.99 for this handset. 

HTC Status. Another handset from AT&T. As it name implies, HTC Status is designed for those of you who claim yourself as “Facebook mania”. This handset feature dedicated Facebook button. With a single push on this button, you will be able to get instant access to your favorite social media site and share all your precious moments with your friends. In addition, HTC Status also feature 5.0 megapixels rear shutter and HTC Sense UI. 

Samsung Epic 4G. Judging by it’s overall appearance, Epic 4G looks pretty similar to Captivate Glide. However, Epic 4G specs is few level below Epic 4G, but both of them are currently support for 4G LTE connectivity. If you’re an android fan who’re looking for new full QWERTY android handset for casual use, you should consider to grab Samsung Epic 4G. It is currently priced at $99.99 at Sprint. Please note that this price comes out after mail-in rebate. 

 myTouch 4G Slide
One of the best handset from T-Mobile. Best for economy and best for productivity. It is currently packed with an unique QWERTY keyboard. Just look at those key shapes and you’ll know what i am talking about. Aside from it’s 4G capabilities, 

myTouch 4G Slide also offer par battery unit, dual-core processors, and standard camcorder/camera. If you want to grab it on contract, T-Mobile will be happy to hand myTouch 4G Slide to you for $199.99 only. 

Sony Xperia Pro. This handset was announced one year ago and probably become the only Sony’s Android with QWERTY keyboard for the next two years. It is currently running on Android 2.3 gingerbread, but Sony already made promise that there will be an official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich released in the near future. Deep under it’s hood, lies 1.0GHz single-core processors and 512MB RAM. On the back side, you shouldn’t find any trouble to find it’s 5.0 megapixels camera. Overall, Xperia Pro is a well-designed QWERTY android phone that will bring smile on every texting lover out there. Unfortunately, there is no US carrier that currently show direct support for this handset. It means that you have to buy it directly from Sony or other retailers. Well, that is all i can tell you right now guys. If you want to say something about my top pick list, use comment box below. It’s always nice to read some suggestion and critics from my loyal readers here. This article is helpful for our readers when they're searching about qwerty android phones 2013, android qwerty 2013, upcoming qwerty phones 2013, qwerty android 2013, android qwerty phones 2013, android qwerty keyboard 2013, upcoming qwerty smartphones 2013, android phone with qwerty keyboard 2013, upcoming qwerty android phones 2013, android phone with keyboard 2013

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Rodrigo Silva said...

Thanks for the hints.
If we look at the specs, however, they already seem a bit outdated (Gingerbread, 512K RAM...).
Then, it becomes plausible to make a question to the smartphone industry: are physical keybords that undesirable for those who want to catch up with technology with their gadgets?!
I had to surrender to such full touch, big screen mobiles so that I could reach all features if an Android phone, but I'd rather have the same features in a phone shaped like former Nokia E Series - and there's simply no such option in the market. Why?!

Christian Wiesner said...

The smartphone manufacturers (SAMSUNG, MOTOROLA, LG, HTC, SONY, etc.) do offer modern ANDROID smartphones with a physical keyboard in North-America (USA, Canada, Mexico), but not in Europe.

European customers who are not willing to use touchscreen keyboards, have to buy such phones used on ebay and other platforms, and import them on their own risk into their countries.

This is unfair and totally unacceptable, why are European customers treated like second class customers ? The European market for smartphones is even bigger than the North-American ?

With this petition i hope to be able to prove to the smartphone manufacturers that there is a huge market in Europe for such a phone, hoping they will understand the market potential and launch these already existing models here also !

Please vote for us, if you do have the same interests !

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